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My Tummy
My Tummy is a manufacturer of clothing for pregnant, breast feeding women and children clothes.  Maternity Clothes
Business Partner – Franchisee

Related area: Europe, Asia, North and South America, South Africa.
(At least one regional representative and on-line store per country)

Job Description

The Business Partner’s role will be related to development of My Tummy’s sales network within given area or country, promotion of joint marketing activities into end user markets according to agreed campaign targets. Furthermore, management and positioning of Business Partner’s own internet store.

Key requirements:

  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Experience in sales also on-line will be a plus
  • Knowledge related to websites positioning
  • Knowledge of a local language is a must (written & verbal)
  • Knowledge of a local clothing market will be a plus
  • Experience with start-up projects will be an additional asset
  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • Knowledge of e-commerce and digital marketing will be a plus
  • Local residency is a must


Overall, we give the tools and the rest is running your own franchise business.

As is often the case in business, you need to invest your time and perhaps more.

  1. We install shop on a domain of given country.
  2. You will be obligated to translate our website to language of your country (native speaker)
  3. You will be obligated to establish a relationship with marketing / positioning company. Here you will need to invest time and some funds to promote the online store.
  4. You will be obligated to register the online shop in all possible business and industry portals as well as forums in the country.
  5. Keeping Facebook and other popular social networking sites in a given country.
  6. If you choose you may maintain your own stock, you decide on products that should be kept in the stock.
  7. Establishing cooperation with mail and courier.
  8. Responsible for market analysis and search for wholesale customers.

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to participate in company’s expansion.
  • Moreover, we offer a package of an internet store with our brand, which will be adopted for a local area / country
  • This offer is an opportunity for both Business Professionals who want to develop their own business and wholesale network along with on line retail sales as well as for Individuals who search for additional income opportunities i.e. women on maternity leave.

If you are interested, please send your Resume to 
Pleasde visit our FACEBOOK

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